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Keeping hope

Being parents of neurodiverse children, on multiple occasions, we confront ourselves with situations that challenge our calm, our ability to resolve, and the sight of seeing hope for the best in what happens.

Being part of Manu for Inclusion for 3 years has given me the necessary tools to stop in a difficult situation and look for the best alternative. I find myself using the power of the pause to see clearly and look like any parent for the best for my child. However, I have come to understand that it is also valid to be sad, angry, and frustrated because we are more than parents, human beings, and where we make the difference is in the reaction to these emotions.

I want to share that we are a loving family sheltered by the M4IF.

I am also a woman, mother, and businesswoman, and I have made positive changes in my life day by day. I seek to be better for myself because if I am good in my heart, I can radiate what is in my heart to my family. Although life surprises me daily and challenges me, my faith and self-esteem are strengthened.

I invite you to open your heart, seek help when you feel that it is not possible alone, and maintain hope by living one day at a time.

- Cruz Family

I take a lot from the toolbox. I keep going over it because it has many details that I sometimes don’t remember, and they are essential. I love how they divide everything, and analyzing each point is of vital importance.

I believe that all mothers in the world should benefit.

From the community, I’ll tell you that I have you, Elizabeth, and the girls from La Diversidad Une, plus a co-worker.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!!

Blessings and lots of light

- Garcia Family

As the founder of a nonprofit organization and a speech therapist, I am often pulled into multiple directions to accomplish projects and achieve goals. The toolbox provided me with the tools to implement daily to increase my ability to perform and enjoy my work and family life. Juana is truly a treasure, and I highly recommend parents raising children/adults with special needs, teachers, and therapists to complete the toolbox process. It will significantly benefit your life, impacting your loved ones and creating a better community.

Thank you for this fantastic resource!

- Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix
Founder, Love Serving Autism
  1. 1. The toolbox has been handy and essential for my life. I take everything I learned during the period that we were in constant support. I keep each of the strategies provided, experiences of each, and relaxation methods that are already part of my daily life. The experience of each one of us during each session is of quality and constant learning.
  2. 2. I think the tools given here can be carried out with myself, first of all, and with family and close friends. It should be noted that also with co-workers since they are also part of our daily lives. We will implement everything learned with you in some way or another in certain situations.

Thank you for so much love, affection and patience with me. Taking this toolkit helped me know what I want to focus my energies on as a mother and person. Thank you very much, Manu for Inclusion Foundation. I love you so much, and you have been a blessing to my life.

I, Maria Rocha, am very grateful for the Manu / Juana Foundation, in particular, that you had with me during these crucial months of my life. She, with her professionalism, dedicated herself to me and accompanied me for 6 months. Her participation and support of the School were incredible. I feel more confident in myself. It helped me a lot in changing my decision-making mindset, always looking for support without fear of being myself. Thank you very much, and God bless you always. Thank you

- Rocha Family

I had an excellent time working with Juana on life issues specifically surrounding with my son’s recent diagnosis. She was overly helpful and even offered to assist in other issues leading me to get tested and later diagnosed with adhd as an adult in my 40s. I was so grateful for that introspection and to finally feel like I have a way to not only relate to my son but myself as well which has helped me immensely in my personal relationships and work. Juana was amazing the entire time and was always very warm and inviting and so eager to help when trying to work through the issues I have been having with the process of my son being diagnosed with ADHD and the issues that come along with it subsequently. She is a gem and the assistance she provides is priceless! I am immensely satisfied with the work her foundation provided our family.

- Williams Family