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Juana Venegas

Director and Founder member of Manu for Inclusion Foundation
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5 Years

Juana Venegas Biography

Director and Founder member of Manu for Inclusion Foundation

I am Juana Venegas an Artist. I realized that I was one 8 years ago. I was born and raised in my beautiful Bogota, Colombia and came to this great country United States of America when I was twenty years old. I studied at Marshall University. Although, I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration, I am an artist at heart. I have taken some art classes with a great Argentinean artist; Mr. Pablo Contrisciani and at the Boca Raton Museum too. Currently, I have dedicated myself to create an art from recyclable materials and creating a new eco-friendly white canvas. I have called my facebook page Evolution because I am constantly learning in this university of Life, Motherhood, and Partnership with my husband Ivan Bou.

My son Manuel Andres Bou Venegas was diagnosed with Autism since he has been 2 years and 10 months. And after many hours of therapy. Today, I have a lovable, smart, happy and brave little boy. I am grateful of all the therapist that have been working with my Manu. I also belief that love gets love. So, my mission in life is to give back to society. Also to leave a inclusive society for my Manu. I do this by donating my time and art to Manu for Inclusion and FAU Card. I have moved forward with two feet in through many obstacles in life by the power of personal development, therapy, wellness programs and by belonging to different healthy communities. And I would like to give the same opportunities to inspired and committed people.