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Alejandra Cruz

Marketing and Social Media Specialist Advisor
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5 Years

Alejandra Cruz Biography

Marketing & Social Media Specialist Advisor

I am Alejandra Cruz. The last few years I have worked in banks and financial companies. At that time, I thought that my life was fulfilled, but 8 years ago my son Alejandro came into my life and my life changed positively. When he turned three years old, a new word, Autism, came into our lives, and with this diagnosis, we began a painful and very complex path. We found ourselves with many doubts and fears because we didn’t know what to expect in the future with this diagnosis. Over time, we released our fears and became open-minded. Finally, when my son was 7 years old, the doctors diagnosed him with Asperger’s Syndrome. At that moment, the diagnosis woke me up and created a desire in my heart to provide information and awareness to people who are unaware of this disorder.

Manu For Inclusion came into my life as a beacon of hope because Manu For Inclusion Foundation supports and empowers families like mine because we did not know much about this diagnosis. We needed the knowledge and hope along the way to be part of the change.