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Ivan Bou

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Board Member & Treasurer


Promi Chakraborty

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Junior Board Member 

Promi Chakraborty is from New York City, and she currently attends The Bronx High School of Science, which she will be graduating from in 2022. She has developed a strong interest for biomedical research and medicine in her first year of high school and plans to become a neurologist in the future. As a student, daughter, older sister, and friend, giving back to the community and using her platform to spread awareness and make change has been one of her main priorities. She has gotten the golden opportunity to become a part of the Manu for Inclusion Foundation and collaborate with compassionate people around the country to give love to children with disabilities. The happenings of the future lie on our abilities to change the present, and she wants to be a part of making a better future possible.

Jules Freedman

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Julie Freedman is a Corporate Marketing Executive with over ten years of experience in merchandising cruise vacations. She is a digital marketing and product management leader with a dual degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Miami. Selling vacations, developing websites and managing people have been exciting focuses throughout the development of her professional career. She has had the pleasure of working with brilliant minds who have all taught her the importance of displaying the right product to the right person at the right time with powerful technology. As a Certified Scrum Product Owner, Julie applies the methodology of Agile software development to all of her projects, believing it takes a cross-functional team of people, communicating daily, to bring meaningful enhancements to any product over time.

By following a customer-centric approach to decision-making, Julie is currently the Senior Marketing Director at Crystal Cruises, a leading luxury cruise line serving international and domestic markets. Julie oversees a team responsible for direct mail, advertising, email, digital media and website initiatives. Personal development has enabled Julie to become a more empathetic and authentic leader. It has also shown her that being consistent and self-aware can bring higher levels of consciousness and thus, happiness. Julie contributes her success to her continued personal development through reading books, attending seminars, participating in leadership programs and always practicing gratitude.

Juana Venegas

Juana Venegas Biography

I am an artist, an entrepreneur, a licensed life coach and a neurodivergent woman.

I was born and raised in my beautiful Bogota, Colombia, and came to the United States of America when I was twenty years old. I studied business administration at Marshall University, where I got my bachelor’s degree. In 2014, I realized I was an artist, and have studied my craft in classes at the Boca Raton Museum, and with Argentinian artist Pablo Contrisciani. Currently, I am dedicated to making art from recyclable materials, and to creating a new, eco-friendly white canvas. I named my art studio Evolution Art Space because I am constantly learning in this university of life, motherhood and partnership.

While I am an artist, I am also an activist for inclusion for neurodiverse people. My husband Ivan Bou and I welcomed our son Manuel Andres Bou Venegas in 2012. Two years and ten months later, Manu was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Today, I have a lovable, intelligent, happy and brave little boy. I am grateful to all the therapists who have worked with Manu over the years. I believe that love creates love.

My personal mission is to help create a more inclusive culture for my Manu and any other neurodivergent person. This was the passion that prompted me to form the Manu for Inclusion Foundation in 2018. The Foundation offers scholarships and support to families of children with atypical diagnoses or behaviors who seek inclusion within their own communities.

I have moved forward through many obstacles in life with the power of personal development, faith in our higher power, therapy, wellness programs, and by belonging to communities that center health.

Taylor Thompson

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Chairman of Board of Directors & BCBA Advisor

M.S, BCBA, earned a BS in Psychology at Florida International University, where she was introduced to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She earned her M.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in ABA from Kaplan University. Taylor began working as an autism therapist while working on her undergraduate degree in 2011. Taylor has worked with a multitude of children from the age of 18 months to young adults with varying diagnoses, particularly individuals with autism. Taylor worked for the Early Steps program in Broward County where she worked 1:1 with the children, provided parent training and education, and conducted initial intake assessments. After working her way through the ABA ladder (autism therapist, BCaBA, and BCBA) for other companies, in 2020 she decided to open her own practice, Taylor Thompson, LLC, which focuses on providing private ABA services and training to students who are working to obtain their BCBA certification.