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Lisa Meade Romero

Lisa Meade Romero is an entrepreneur, owner of LMR Services, and wearer of many hats. A transplant from Massachusetts and a graduate of the University of Miami, she started her own beauty consulting business over six years ago, and found her joy through the journey. Lisa believes that we all struggle with feeling “worthy enough” at times, as we are focused on our personal and professional obligations as well as caring for friends and family. Through skincare and color cosmetic education, she reminds men and women that self care is an act of self love. Being able to take a moment to slow down, breathe, and indulge in the small acts of self care, we increase our self value and can be more for ourselves and those around us. Lisa has always been service focused, from a past teaching career to her current law enforcement officer position. Awareness and inclusion have been themes running through the varied careers and experiences of her life. She is excited to support Manu for Inclusion with her entrepreneurial skills and expertise. You are worthy of more!

Melissa Knopp

Melissa Knopp Biography

Board Member
I met a child with autism in 2006 and that was it! From that moment on, I have been dedicated to the path of working with individuals with autism. I pursued a B.S. in Applied Psychology, a M.S. in Educating Students with Disabilities and a BCBA credential. Since that time in 2006, I have dedicated myself to this work. I have worked in many different environments and filled various roles, yet my primary goal always remained the same: to deepen my understanding of and connection with children with autism. I have worked in school, home, clinic and community environments, implementing a variety of approaches. Prior to relocating to Miami, I was living in San Diego, where I helped to start a multi-disciplinary therapeutic clinic under a well-respected neurologist in the field. It was there that I learned an immense amount about the neurological and sensorimotor contributors to the autism experience. I was trained in Supported Typing for children with limited to no speech, and I was forever changed as a practitioner and as a person. I am passionate about working with parents and families in the effort to provide them with deeper and greater understanding of their relative with autism. Through understanding, compassion and connection are possible.