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All we ask is to be willing, honest, humble, openminded and to trust.

This toolbox was designed by two mothers with children within the Autism Spectrum, Juana and has been a student of self improvement courses for the past four years that focuse on creating a life with purpose and intentions. This toolbox will help you and your family do the same. Camila Garcia is a Spiritual and Life coach and founder of “Tu Verdadero Ser”. Camila is currently working on her international Spiritual and Life coach certification with Esneca

This toolbox offers help for parents of an autistic child. We have been in their shoes and are still learning through this journey of motherhood. With all our love, wisdom and knowledge that we have learned through personal experiences and personal-development courses, we have developed this gift that we’ve called: The Toolbox.

Family Exercises

Use this toolkit to help you learn more coping skills as well as find exercises for your family.

Parent's Guidebook

Use this resource to help navigate how to move forward after a diagnosis.

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