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United for Inclusion

Empowering neurodiverse families


We empower families of children with any atypical diagnoses or behaviors who seek inclusion within their own communities through the power of art, wellness and love by providing personal development Programs and support


Manu for Inclusion was created based on the belief that every human being, regardless of physical or mental challenges, is a valuable asset to their family, our community, our nation, and the world. Through personal development education, one on one emotional support, and practical experience sharing, our intention is to provide a sense of empowerment for inclusion and independence on behalf of individuals with unique needs and those who love them.

United for Inclusion

About the foundation

Manu for Inclusion Foundation is a group of diverse professionals and parents who have combined their knowledge and experience in service of other families in order to work for a more inclusive society. The foundation provides help with the diagnosis by focusing on developing programs that provide emotional support to parents and caregivers of neurodiverse individuals using mindfulness tools, wellness programs, and social media awareness campaigns with the goal of making inclusion a reality worldwide.

YouTube Channel

Why We Do What We Do

Neurodiversity is the concept that the variations in the brain that can lead to developmental disorders are normal. Manu for Inclusion Foundation identifies the lack of supportive services and resources for parents and caregivers of neurodiverse children.

General Impact
  • Emotional instability
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Addiction
  • High divorces rates
  • Economic uncertainty
Personal Challenges
  • Difficulty accepting and understanding the diagnosis or atypical behavior
  • Lack of emotional coping mechanisms
  • Social stigma and misunderstanding
  • Frustration navigating public and private resources

What We Do


We provide parents and caregivers support with the diagnosis and courses of action and resources (Toolboxes) that parents can refer to at any time. 


We facilitate personal development webinars and workshops


Our YouTube channel offers tools and resources to help with neurodivergent parenting.

Personal Development

We provide personal development scholarships
Our Programs

In The United States

Manu For Inclusion Personal Development Program

For parents or guardians to improve emotional intelligence and self-esteem

Advocacy Services or other Grants

IEP (Individual Education Program)
and 504 support

ABA Consult

To help parents to decrease undesired behaviors such as: Elopement, SIB, and Scripting.

The Reason Behind Our Name

Focused on arts, wellness and personal growth/development through art, music, dance, fitness/exercise for Families/Guardians that have kids with any disabilities (diagnosed, not diagnosed) anxiety, depression, etc.

Manu's Story

Manu was diagnosed when he was 30 months with autism and later on with ADHD. After many days of occupational, speech, and ABA therapies today we have a happy, loving, funny and patient child who gives us kisses, hugs and says “mommy stop”.

“Inclusion is to learn to accept and love myself/yourself and as a natural result I/you would love and accept another human being, earth, and the present moment”

-Juana Venegas

United States

Our Board

Juana Venegas

Director and Founder member of Manu for Inclusion Foundation

Elissa Stern

Fundraiser Advisor

Camila Garcia

Program Development Advisor

Ivan Bou

Board Member & Treasurer

Taylor Thompson

Chairman of Board of Directors & BCBA Advisor

Promi Chakraborty

Junior Board Member

Jules Freedman

Marketing Advisor
United States

Advisory Board

Melissa Knopp

Board Member

Lisa Meade Romero

Board Member

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